Big Foot - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2012 - MYDA COMPETITION

Piedone, a new inflatable boat concept: based on the RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) system, that is a flat-bottomed rigid fiberglass hull dinghy with a front slide combined with two side tubes, recalling that of a catamaran. Basically the parts in contact with water, when the hull is in motion, are only the inflatable boats, drastically reducing the draft and making it more performing. All driven by a motor positioned behind the hull, so as not to preclude movement, which is one of the key concepts of the project. In fact, the rear section of the boat cover, which during the journey is positioned to protect passengers housed in the stern part of the hull, once stopped, thanks to a system of electric motors powered by solar panels (placed in the bow part of the cover) rotates going to lengthen, in the rear section, the beach. As said, the whole remains slightly raised from the water level, thus ensuring that it does not enter the hull, despite the absence (in this configuration) of the rear closing element.

CategoryBoat Design – Competition
Project year2012
StatusProject for MYDA Competition - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2012