Cartagena 33' EVOlution - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2013 - MYDA COMPETITION

Evolution is an outboard fisherman with the “desire to be” a Yacht; adaptable and multipurpose, Cartagena is the evolution of a classic 33-foot boat transformed into something more to allow you to experience the marine environment in a truly innovative way, combining high performance with extraordinary habitability for a boat of this size.
Based on contemporary technologies and needs and the near future, considering the difficult economic moment in which few are able to afford large yachts, the opportunity was taken to propose a new type of metamorphic boats that drastically exceed the type ” classic “, to take on avant-garde connotations, remaining in a dimension not subject to taxation of 33 “.

CategoryYacht Design
Project year2013
StatusProject for MYDA competition - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2013