Cinema Palace in Locarno

The project sought to make the most of the characteristics of the intervention area, maintaining and implementing the pedestrian connections, the existing roads and accessibility and creating an important view of the Rotonda.
A special feature of the outdoor spaces project is the creation of an embankment in the area underneath, an amphitheater to be used for outdoor events, allowing collective activities to be focused in the area outside the Palazzo del Cinema and to exploit these spaces also in other periods of the ‘year. The building, through its form, conveys the identity and the destination of what is present within it: an environment for public use, such as cinema. A form has been proposed, which allows to give maximum visibility and to create visual cones on the elements of historical importance present: in fact, foreshortenings have been created on the remarkable architectural assets present in the surroundings, such as the castle and the square.

CategoryArchitecture Competition
WhereLocarno, Svizzera
Project year2012