Nut-Ante - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2011 - MYDA COMPETITION

Nut-ante. A peanut in the sea …
The original “peanut” shape, both in the top and in the side view, is functional to the insertion of the various elements that characterize the project: from above it allows the housing of the rotating mat in the rear area, while the “bulbs ” under the boat contain the various elements of power and movement. A boat driven by small electric motors, with rechargeable batteries using renewable energy sources: when it is stopped at the pier with small wind generators, while in navigation with the photovoltaic panels inserted in the sails / umbrellas. In navigation with favorable winds, the two sails can be used to reduce energy consumption. In the open position, in the roadstead, the sails act as sunshade parasols, but they can also be closed electrically and positioned between the beds. A simple Joystick positioned between the front seats allows navigation in a simple and intuitive way, the glasses-holders and the mini-fridge they guarantee all the comforts of the case. The small rear slide also guarantees fun in full safety for children, but also for adults. Made with recyclable materials, with an easily identifiable shape and high design content, with widely tested technologies to offer a kind of sun lounger / sailing game island: the two fixed front sun beds and the rotating sun tracking bed are ideal for a perfect summer sunbathing, or to sail with the family to reach an otherwise unreachable cove. Or simply to get off your boat anchored outside the harbor.

CategoryBoat design – Competition
Project year2011
StatusProject for the MYDA Competition - Millennium Yacht Design Award 2011