Renovation and redevelopment of the San Giuliano farmhouse in Medolago to be used as a multi-purpose center

The intervention consists in the restructuring of the existing buildings and the external appurtenances and the creation of new volumes to adapt the complex to the new function that will have to go to perform.
The recovery of the existing buildings is foreseen with the safeguarding of the characteristics of the manufactured goods and to put in addition what is not possible and easily achievable in the spaces already in existence, if not by carrying out operations that do not respect the existing. The added body is deliberately technological, designed with light materials to limit its impact and be able to read the original constructions once again, and to explicitly guarantee the presence of the new volume, recognizable by all.
The farm will find all the indispensable and mandatory functions in order to activate the new operations center of the Consorzio di Bonifica della Media Pianura Bergamasca: educational, scientific and cultural activities, as well as obviously the administrative and institutional activities of the same body.

ALA Lombardia reported for “Dedalo + Minosse competition” – 2022.

CategoryCultural, Historic
WhereMedolago, Bergamo
Project year2010-2013