Servitec new headquarters, Technological innovation area in the province of Bergamo – Tecnodal

Recovery of abandoned industrial buildings in the former Dalmine S.p.A. to be allocated to technological innovation area in the Province of Bergamo and construction of a new building for the Servitec headquarters.

Lot III – renovation of buildings n. 1 (ex workshop), n. 2 (formerly warehouse), construction of building no. 3 (New Servitec headquarters): public halls, laboratories, offices.

As for the existing buildings, most of them have an archaeological-cultural-industrial conformation, which is why they have simply been adapted to new destinations with the enhancement of their architectural lines. The only new concept building is recognizable as new and contemporary and does not want to camouflage itself, but integrate and dialogue with the existing one. In order to maintain the same expressive language, the materials used are very similar to those already present.

WhereDalmine, Bergamo
Project year2002/2003