Stand Light+Building Frankfurt, 2012 - LUCE&LIGHT

The Luce & Light stand is characterized by a series of 8 colored portals according to the rainbow range. The portals divide the stand into 7 areas, each characterized by a giant with references to Italian character: 4 are dedicated to the display of products, in the remaining three are placed in order the Led Lab, the reception and the meeting area. The Led Lab is a space in which luminous appliances are shown in detail. In the reception there is a desk whose structure resembles the portals in form and color. On the wall of the rear warehouse, in addition to the slogan, a Popart re-elaboration of the company logo is positioned. In the meeting space, finally, there are, in addition to ottomans with the L&L logo, an office space divided from the meeting area by a glass wall that reveals the giant poster placed on the back wall.

CategoryInterior design
EventLight + Building Exhibition, Frankfurt
CostumerL&L Luce&Light S.r.l.
Project year2012
Realization year2012