Z2 e Z3 Series - A' Design Award 2017 winners

Z2 and Z3 are a family of snow helmets designed for both skiers and snowboarders. Z2 is a helmet with rigid grips, while Z3 is equipped with soft grips; Two different versions for better performance and acoustic comfort. Both series have an outer shell made of carbon fiber composite. The internal padding is made with innovative materials that guarantee maximum breathability and comfort. The seams are made by expert hands, ensuring excellent comfort and fit. Z2 and Z3 have a patented sanitizing system which, through an antimicrobial process, guarantees the neutralization of unhealthy bacteria, which causes unpleasant odors. The graphics are unique and customizable. The painting system is eco-friendly. The helmets are equipped with a quick release visor. The HMR Helmets company manufactures every single helmet by hand, thus creating a product completely made in Italy.

CategoryProduct design
ClientHMR Helmets S.r.l.
Project year 2015-16
Production year2016-17