Associated Architects


The firm Facchinetti Partners & Associates Architects, Massimo Facchinetti, Carlo Bono and Alessandra Boccalari was established at the beginning of 2004, combining and completing the previous technical structure that was organized and managed for more than a decade, from the same Massimo Facchinetti.


360° architecture: from house to skyscraper
Architecture serving human being, ethical, moral, social responsible, “colourful and sensorial”.


  • at disposal of human needs, that is ethical, respectful of the roles, of the purposes and of the ambient, that does not damage nothing; 
  • moral, in harmony with the morality of people, their origins, their habits, with the peculiars of places; 
  • social responsible, in support of the social wealth in all its phases, from project to realization, from the use to the disposal; 
  • that use colour as a IV dimension, and capable of perceiving sensations thanks to the 5 senses’ stimulus.


The task of the study ranges from classic areas such as planning, construction supervision, coordination of safety, urbanistic and territorial planning, environmental planning, to the most innovative ones and with our eyes face forward:

Environmental design: specialized design in relation to the macro and micro environment, tasting theories to demonstrate the volumetric impact of artefacts in the environment;
Ecobuilding – Green Building: commitment into building, environmental and territorial decarbonisation, up to eco-savings and energy benefit in building;
Research and technological innovation of the building: use of technical, innovative and technological materials in both public and private architecture;
Colour and sensorial perception: use of the colour as the fourth dimension and project as “sensorial artefact” capable of perceiving sensations.