Deoleo Visitor Center - Tavernelle

The concept is based on multi sensory experience, whose key values ​​are the right combination of proportions, the selected raw materials, the production know-how, the art of blending, the discovery of processes, full immersion, the sharing of values, the emotion of the oil and the involvement of all the senses.

The path winds between a cognitive space and an emotional space that allow you to get away from the outside, live the world of oil with all your senses and learn about the company and end the experience with a final taste.

The route starts from the entrance hall, at the waiting room desk, next to which there is a meeting room, an immersive and emotional space. The route also includes a relaxation room with a green wall. Next, we find the exhibition area of ​​the products, through which the company can describe and make its work known. The heart and conclusion of the itinerary is the tasting and presentation area, which has a creative cooking area.

The spaces are presented in multiple configurations, such as the latter, which can provide the space for workshops or, the exhibition area can also host presentations.

DescriptionVisitor center realized for Deoleo in Tavarnelle, Firenze.
WhereTavernelle - Val di Pesa, Firenze
Project year2017